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South America

South America is a remarkable continent where you can enjoy everything from the breathtaking snow-capped Andean peaks, to the alluring Amazonian rainforest. South America will dazzle you with her great display of natural wonders - dramatic deserts and colourful canyons, dreamy cloud forests and lush rainforests, the unspoilt sun-drenched beaches of Brazil, the turquoise-coloured glaciers of Patagonia, the magnitude and force of Iguazú Falls, and the mysterious animal life of the Galapagos Islands. This continent is also home to an incredible multiplicity of ancient and present-day cultures, visit the ancient Inca temples in Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, or take in the Mardi Gras carnival in Rio de Janiero. South America is also one the world's greatest musical destinations - experience Columbian Salsa, Argentine tango, or Andean folk music. The cultures and landscapes of this amazing continent are limitless.


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